I am an international diasporic Chinese scholar. Throughout my life I have navigated diverse educational spaces, studying and working between Beijing and New York; from Shandong villages to Los Angeles, CA, and from Hong Kong to Durham, New Hampshire. Crisscrossing among different locales and institutional settings developed in me an acute sensibility to the differences and inequalities embedded in uneven global systems and instilled a commitment to decolonizing knowledge production. As a critical scholar of digital capitalism and intersectionality, a central goal of my teaching is to encourage students to critically engage with digital technologies and tech industries and reflect on their lived experiences as deeply imbricated in global systems of power and inequalities that are often rendered invisible. These goals and commitments have informed my course design, my classroom strategies that adapt to different student bodies, my mentoring beyond the classroom of students of diverse backgrounds, and my service promoting educational exchanges between the Global North and South.


Department of Communication, College of Liberal Arts, University of New Hampshire

  • CMN 772 From Pokemon to K-Pop: East Asian Media and Popular Culture
  • CMN 670 Silicon Valley to Foxconn: Global Digital Capitalism
  • CMN 596 East Asian Media and Pop Culture
  • CMN 455 Introduction to Media Studies
  • Comm-entary

New Oriental School, Beijing, China, 2005-2006

  • Taught IELTS English Speaking

Teaching Assistant

Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California.

  • COMM 309: Communication and Technology
  • COMM 387: Sports and Social Change
  • COMM 383m: Sports, Communication & Culture
  • COMM 396: Media, Fashion and Culture

School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • COMM 5831 Theories in Advertising and Communication
  • COMM 3191 Film, Television & Hong Kong Culture