Media Interviews

Print Media Interview:

The Shining Promise and Dashed Dreams of China’s Live Shopping Craze

China’s Online sellers are revolting against a barrage of refunds

WeChat Became the Platform for Shanghai Residents to Speak Out About China’s Zero-Covid Policy (BuzzFeed News)


The China Initiative is dead, but its repercussions live on

China’s Cities are Going to the Metaverse–Before They Even Know What It Is

Misogyny at Alibaba and Baidu: The struggle of China’s female tech execs

Your favorite startup might have its engineers in China


International students impacted by Covid-19

The Chinese content farms behind Factory TikTok

Beyond “exploitation”: Diversifying the Discussion about Digital Labor/对数字劳动实践的多元化讨论:跳出“剥削”的范式

Supervision proposed to prevent overworking of employees

Radio/Podcast Interview:

Podcast with In-betweenness (Shicha 时差) on “Digital China.”

夹缝求生:赴美留学之路的百年沉浮/A Podcast on the history of Chinese international students in the US

Macro n Cheese: China and the Labor of Reinvention with Lin Zhang

Middle Earth-China’s Cultural Industry Podcast: Surviving the cutthroat world of E-commerce in China

In Pursuit of Development with Dan Banik: How China’s digital entrepreneurs are redefining innovation and reshaping the global economy

TV Interview

CGTN Global Business Interview: Balancing COVID-19 Measures and doing business

CGTN Global Business Interview: China International Trade

A Video Introduction to my Paper on Alibaba made by 夜猫台

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