About Me

Hey there! I am a assistant professor of communication and media studies at the University of New Hampshire. I graduated from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California, with a PhD in Communication, and MA from NYU’s Department of Media, Culture and Communication. My research revolves around the cultural economy of information capitalism as it intersects with issues of class, gender, nation, and race in an age of globalization.

Currently, I am working on a book project about digital entrepreneurship and emerging labor practices and subjectivities in China as the nation restructures its economy. Tentatively titled Reinvent Yourself! (重塑自我)Entrepreneurial Labor and Hybrid Selves in China’s New Economy, the book is an ethnography of IT entrepreneurial Labor in urban, rural, and transnational China, and an analysis of the post-2008 phenomenon of individual self-reinvention amidst national and economic restructuring. Based on almost a decade of multi-sited ethnography and social historical research, Reinvent Yourself! provides an in-depth and multi-angled perspective into China’s now booming high-tech sectors and emerging digital labor experiences. By bringing digital labor studies into conversation with China studies, the book intervenes into both fields to challenge and amend the former’s Western bias and the latter’s lack of attention to digital labor practices. Ultimately, Reinvent Yourself! recounts tales of the creativity and struggle of ordinary people in highly uncertain times as they make the best out of what capitalism (or for that matter, socialism) has to offer.

cutI also write about digital labor, visual culture, video games, online spoofing culture, and debates on race in cyberspace. You could find my work in the Journal of Consumer CultureNew Media and Society, International Journal of Cultural StudiesInternational Journal of Communication, Feminist Media Studies, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, and China Information etc.

You can reach me via email at Lin.zhang [at] unh [dot] edu.